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Coming soon: Beer on tap to benefit The Loyalty Foundation!

Above: Pocket Bar's Suzy Darling in our former storefront HQ. Photo: Phil O'Brien/

A bit of fun news via our friends Sarah Beling and Phil O'Brien at

Owner Suzy Darling, the mind behind Pocket Bar and Back Pocket Bar, told W42ST that plans are underway for a third location, Pocket Bar 57, which she hopes to open this summer on W57th Street between 9th and 10th Avenue in the space previously occupied by technical equipment and educational nonprofit the Loyalty Foundation (the organization is still up and running but has since moved away a brick-and-mortar model). Darling and the Pocket Bar(s) team, known for their signature rosé on tap and Gotham Wines, frozen Aperol spritz and free popcorn plan to build upon the fervent following and local enthusiasm for the brand — which bested the stiff competition to win W42ST’s Best of Awards 2022 for Best Bar at the annual reader awards.

In fact, it was their victory at the community awards ceremony that sprung the opportunity for a new Pocket Bar, Suzy said. “The cool thing is that the gentleman from the Loyalty Foundation, David Neeman, saw us accept our award. He told me, ‘I don’t think that when Spain won the World Cup, they celebrated as much as you did.’ He wanted to know who these people were with this immense amount of excitement and passion for this place — so he came to us and offered us the space. ..."

And most of all, she’s happy to continue the legacy of community support and connection started by her predecessors. “We are going to have a beer on tap where a percentage of proceeds will go to the Loyalty Foundation,” said Suzy. “I’m very passionate about their program and we want to continue their amazing work!” ... read the full story at

Looking forward to the grand opening and sipping a pint at Pocket Bar!


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