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We collect and distribute donated devices and make sure they get to those in need.


If your company is upgrading its hardware or
if you are moving on to a newer device we will safely and securely collect your device.


Loyalty Foundation follows best practices and is compliant both in terms of data privacy and covid-19 protocols

The Covid-19 Pandemic and response has disproportionately impacted underserved communities already contending with disparities in access to education and technology. The necessary protocols enacted to flatten the curve and prevent the virus' spread in NYC included a sudden shift to online K-12 learning creating an urgent need for donated computers and funds to purchase new devices to ensure adequate technology is available to those who need it. 


Please join The Loyalty Foundation, RAPP, Rising Ground and our other educational partners and schools as we work together to determine strategies and solutions to provide the devices needed to ensure educational continuity for all students.  To donate devices to the Covid-19 response effort email us at: 


or donate funds for the Devices4All program here

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