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Virtual Roblox Coding Class at The Urban Assembly High School

The Loyalty Foundation worked with Urban Assembly in Manhattan, New York to conduct a 10-week Roblox 3D game design course for which the graduating students received course credit that went toward their high school diploma. WIth no prior coding or game design background, each graduating student developed 3 original Roblox 3D game projects.


Client: Urban Assembly High School
Location: Virtual programming for students located in New York, NY


Program Details

Program(s): Gaming4Good

Services: Enrichment

# of Students Served: 10


How We Helped

In partnership with the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction, The Loyalty Foundation developed a 10-week intensive 3D game design class where students worked live on Zoom to learn coding and design principles using the popular gaming platform Roblox Studio. The program, part of LF’s Gaming4Good initiative, aimed to introduce students to the world of coding and game design and encourage them to pursue careers in the field.


The instructor and LF’s director of education, Allen Rabinovich, worked closely with the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction to create a curriculum that was tailored to the students' needs and interests. We also provided the necessary resources and tools to ensure that the program ran smoothly. At the end of the program, each student presented their final project, showcasing the skills they had learned over the course of the program. The Loyalty Foundation provided certificates of completion to all graduating students and the Urban Assembly High School awarded them with course credit towards their high school diploma.


(screencaps from live class)

Intro to Lua Scripting.jpg

Intro to Lua Scripting

Design Racing Path.jpg

Design Racing Path

Student Project 1.jpg

Student Project 1

Student Project 2.jpg

Student Project 2

The Urban Assembly logo.jpg
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