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Meet The DOMINATORS, our newest esports team!

Presenting The DOMINATORS, our newest esports team and program for The Grand Street Settlement in Lower Manhattan.

Below, Grand Street Settlement Program Director, Amy Huang talks about our new esports program for the facility.

“What’s beautiful about it [esports] is that people don’t understand what it can teach kids. In reality, you have actual sports—you have basketball, you have soccer, you have football—team sports where everybody plays together, but esports also mimics that, because it does require teamwork, it does require sportsmanship, and it does require training to get better.

“In terms of kids having access to these things, and learning these skillsets, it’s all the same. It’s just different paths leading to the same destination.

“The kids are excited. It’s something new, something different, but it’s something that they are already familiar with, because they’re playing games on their own. So, being able to do that alongside their friends where they’re talking to each other, while playing, is really unique,”

(That’s our founder, David Neeman behind the camera/phone!)

Below, check out these YouTube Shorts of The DOMINATORS. Tap the links or the image below to view on the Loyalty Foundation YouTube channel.

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