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NYC Moms Fundraiser Provides Laptops for Kids of Henry Street Settlement

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Madison Square Park Moms has launched their annual Holiday Fundraiser and have again partnered with The Loyalty Foundation to help youths at The Henry Street Settlement.

Donate on our betterworld campaign page.

These youths are striving to take classes which will give them valuable skills in order to join the workforce. Many of these kids are the sole caretakers of younger siblings or other family members. Connecting them to online courses and giving them the ability to have a stable form of communication with possible employers, will be life changing.

In 2020 this amazing group raised the funds for 119 computers to be placed directly into the hands of public school children.

The Loyalty Foundation is a Public Charity that is focused on digital equity and provides funding for computers, programming for STEM and Technology based educational opportunities to under-resourced youth populations across the country.

The combination of local parents looking to support and help children, the commitment of The Loyalty Foundation to bridge the digital gap and the community connection of The Henry Street Settlement is incredibly powerful. Thank you for adding to that power and helping us put computers into the hands of these kids!

"By placing a Chromebook into the hands of one of our young people at Henry Street Settlement you are opening up doors of opportunity that will help them build a bigger and brighter future. Many of our young people who attend our On Ramps to Opportunity program (ORO) are passionate young adults who are eager to make a change in their lives. A Chromebook will help our vulnerable and at-risk youth access technology reliably to finish their education, give new fathers living in shelter the opportunity to apply for a new job to support his new family, and let our young adults access training programs to advance in their careers. We are grateful that you have decided to support our mission, and are helping us promote digital equity for those with limited access to technology." – Deanna Sorge, Volunteer Program Manager, Henry Street Settlement

Below a few photos of the Madison Square Park Moms in action over the last couple years.


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