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Loyalty Foundation recognized by CNBC

"CNBC asked, you nominated: Recognizing the selfless heroes of the coronavirus pandemic"

From, July 2, 2020:

"Across the globe, millions are struggling with the personal and economic fallout caused by Covid-19. From businesses owners and employees to frontline essential workers and stay-at-home parents, the immeasurable level of suffering and massive disruption has taken an enormous toll on daily life.

In this ongoing weekly series, we are asking CNBC readers to nominate neighbors who have gone above and beyond, and you are continuing to answer the call. We applaud the efforts of each and every one of the HomeGROWn Heroes we have previously recognized, as well as those you have nominated below. Here are more of the compassionate, brave acts of kindness that have made a difference in so many lives."

Read the story online here.


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