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The Loyalty Foundation Supporting Job growth at KTECH

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Loyalty Foundation, extends its efforts in Alabama, working with KTECH, an innovative learning and workforce training center based in Huntsville. Loyalty’s recent #devices4all donation to KTECH program students will allow them to continue their studies, learn and work from home.

KTECH, a division of the Kids to Love Foundation, is a hands-on, interactive one-on-one instruction program connecting students to jobs. By teaching technical skills to the kids in foster care, KTECH is developing an available, skilled applicant pool for the advanced, growing manufacturing jobs environment in greater Alabama.

KTECH has long seen the need for workforce training programs that can transition young adults into the workforce without the accrual of large student debt that so often accompanies a college education. KTECH’s innovative program is an accelerated 16-week course that results in the acquisition of t globally recognized Siemen’s certification in a very short time while providing them with access to the growing tech job opportunities in greater Alabama.

David Neeman, the founder of The Loyalty Foundation believes a grassroots approach is what is needed in philanthropy today as these efforts fill in the gaps, and can act quickly to deliver desperately needed technology and educational resources. Neeman is a proponent of an on the ground, hands on nonprofit philosophy and aims to rewrite the playbook for philanthropic initiatives

“Often, the larger organizations can’t support smaller, community organizations or individual efforts despite their significant needs because the small organization may not have the metrics required demonstrating their efficacy. While there is sound caution behind this, many people and very small nonprofits are doing amazing things in their communities and they need financial resources and support,” says Neeman.

Slightly different than many of the Loyalty Foundation’s previous beneficiaries, the students at KTECH aren’t just kids. The students are those who have aged out of the foster system, recently or not, and range in age from from 18-42 years old. The donation of the devices from the Loyalty Foundation will allow them to participate in the KIDSTECH technical training program that will provide them with the skills required for the increasing numbers of open positions in the region. The donation, supported by DC BLOX, a multi-tenant data center company with a location in Huntsville, offers these students the opportunity to fill a record number of available, well-paying jobs securing their future and supporting the future of a new economy in Northern Alabama.

For more information on how you can make a donation to the Loyalty Foundation please visit


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