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AI & Art program students rock custom sneakers in VR shops!

Updated: Jan 25

Above: A selection of custom sneakers designed by AI & Art Program students using Midjourney generative artificial intelligence software.

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Every Saturday from mid-June through mid-August, a lucky group of young students gathered at rap superstar Fat Joe’s UP NYC sneaker shop to learn how to design their very own custom kicks using Midjourney generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) software.

Geared specifically to 4th through 9th graders, the UP NYC Masterclass: Summer Al (Artificial Intelligence) taught students how use cutting edge AI large language model (LLM) libraries to generate visual art.

Produced by Loyalty Foundation Director of Education, Allen Rabinovitch, the aim of our AI & Art Program is to provide a unique, fun, hands-on learning experience that will empower kids to become innovative thinkers and creators who are curious and ready to acquire 21st century problem solving skills.

In addition to designing their custom sneakers, each student also designed their own VR (Virtual Reality) shop in which to display their custom kicks.

"I loved the class, everyone had a good time, even those who thought they weren't creative," said instructor Manuel Delacruz. "I had a sneaker lover/collector there with his father and they were great creative minds. A lot of untapped knowledge, he's even a great marketer!"

"Thank you for giving this experience to my daughter. She learned so much!" commented Najabi's mother of after we shared photos of her sneaker designs and shop on Instagram (Scroll to see photos).

UP NYC Masterclass is a series of programs for the community, based out of the UP NYC @upnyc shop in Mott Haven, Bronx, NYC. Lunch was provided by UP NYC to the students at every class.

UP NYC Masterclass: Summer Al marks a return to UP NYC by the Loyalty Foundation, which last summer brought our "Gaming & Coding for Youth" to the store's South Bronx location.

The Loyalty Foundation AI & Art Program classes run for 8 weeks at 2 classes per week, 1 hour per class for a total of 16 hours. To host an AI & Art Program at your organization or school, please contact Director of Education, Allen Rabinovitch at

Below are 5 VR shops created by students to display their sneaker designs. To tour each VR shop, tap the VR TOUR button. Tap Play, then navigate using W, A, S, D or arrow keys and by dragging with a mouse or trackpad.


Gyasi's AI Designer Sneaker Shop & Shoes | VR TOUR


Hailey's AI Designer Sneaker Shop & Shoes | VR TOUR


Jorge's AI Designer Sneaker Shop & Shoes | VR TOUR


Justin's AI Designer Sneaker Shop & Shoes | VR TOUR


Najabi's AI Designer Sneaker Shop & Shoes | VR TOUR


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