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Loyalty Foundation Opens Door for Alabama Students Struggling with Online Learning Access

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Expanding its mission to address the disparity in technology and education access, the organization’s Devices4All™ program is providing computers to Birmingham children impacted by Covid-19 and the dearth of resources they need to continue their education

Birmingham, Alabama – ​September 02, 2020 - The​ ​Loyalty Foundation​,​ a New York based not for profit entity is joining forces with Alabama’s Jefferson County to provide computers to students in underserved communities in the region. County Commissioner Sheila Tyson and her office are working with the organization as they lead the charge to bridge the digital divide that has grown even wider resulting from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the transition to online learning.

As schools in Jefferson County prepared for a minimum of nine weeks of online learning, the Loyalty Foundation is working with Commissioner Tyson and DC BLOX, an Atlanta based data center provider located in Birmingham, to address the needs of students without the devices needed to participate in online studies and enrichment activities.

The Loyalty Foundation is the brainchild of Founder & Chairman David Neeman who created the organization to address the ever-widening gap between those who have necessary access to technology and educational resources and those who do not. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed a reality for many families, the absence of computers in the home, which meant lack of access to education for children in underfunded communities. In response, The Loyalty Foundation developed the Devices4AllTM​ ​initiative, acquiring and distributing computers to students in need through partnership with organizations in the impacted communities.

“These are unusual unprecedented times we are encountering. Students are already suffering from economic circumstances their families are facing and online learning is an additional hurdle for many. Being able to provide computers to those families in need is a true blessing and helps offset some of the strain on families. I am so thankful for all of our partners in this venture,” says Commissioner Tyson. Originally focused on the New York Metro region, the pandemic and resulting educational crisis inspired The Loyalty Foundation to expand its work to communities across the country through outreach to local organizations leading to connections with new partners and the distribution of computers in Flint, Michigan, Jenkins County, Kentucky, Los Angeles, California and Birmingham, Alabama. The organization plans to continue expansion, not only in response to the pandemic, but as support for the pre-existing conditions of poverty and disparity in education.

“We have been working hard to fill gaps around the country. What started in New York City has become a national effort. After our conversation with DC BLOX, a Birmingham data center developer that is very active in its local community, we were connected with Commissioner Tyson.” Neeman says. “Upon learning of the deep need in Jefferson County, we reviewed our fund allocation plans and moved quickly to secure devices for the children there. DC BLOX generously stepped in with a matching program, allowing us to immediately double the number of computers we could deliver and the number of children we could help.” “DC BLOX is excited to be a part of this collaboration with the Loyalty Foundation, continuing our commitment to our local communities by providing them with resources and support for access to technology and education. The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the inequities we strive to address. We look forward to working with The Loyalty Foundation to impact other communities where we have a presence.” says DC BLOX CEO, Jeff Uphues. All funds raised by the Loyalty Foundation’s Devices4AllTM​ ​program are earmarked for the purchase of computers needed to support continuation of educational and therapeutic services for children with limited access to resources and opportunity. The Loyalty Foundation is hoping to grow the program with additional corporate partnerships and matching programs to narrow the digital divide and make an important difference in the lives of underserved children and their families. Neeman adds, “Access to technology and education is the greatest opportunity equalizer of today and the future. Without that foundation, we will not be able to create the better, fairer, more just society and world we want to see.” ###

About The Loyalty Foundation The Loyalty Foundation is a not for profit organization that provides funding and programming for STEM and Technology-based educational opportunities to underserved K-12 youth populations. Founded by David Neeman in New York City, The Loyalty Foundation was created to attack the disparity between those who have access to opportunities and those who do not. The Loyalty Foundation considers technology to be the great opportunity equalizer of the future. Educational opportunity creates pathways for positive change and rising futures. The Loyalty Foundation develops technology education, programming and provides funding and resources to ignite positive change in communities. Learn more and donate to The Loyalty Foundation initiatives ​here​.

About Jefferson County Founded in 1819, Jefferson County is Alabama’s most populated county with more than 660,000 residents. The County is governed by five commissioners elected from specific districts. Detailed information on those districts and services provided by Jefferson County can be found at


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